Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Growing Boys

This morning was our second perinatal appointment.  This time we definitely were unable to really see what our boys looked like, rather it was a stream of moving body parts on screen - some recognizable, some not so much.  Thankfully the u/s tech, though not overly friendly, does talk to us enough to know what she's looking at and measuring.  PB weighed in at an impressive 2lbs 2oz and J wasn't far behind at 1lb 15oz.  Still within normal range (the average at 25 wks ranges from 1.5 - 2.2lbs), but definitely topping the charts, proportional, and quite good news for twins.  In addition, my cervix is staying long and closed.  Other than my GDM, this pregnancy continues to be rather uneventful in terms of possible complications.  In fact, the other Dr. G - the perinate - told us we're "very boring" and don't need to come back for six weeks.  That put the biggest smile on my face!  Probably the first time I've been excited to have that particular adjective attached to me.  

These boys have been extremely active the last couple of weeks.  They're definitely getting stronger and stronger.  Though nothing to keep me up at night, I'm definitely enjoying all the bumps, bounces, kicks, and punches.  After today, I think I can start to differentiate who's who.  PB is always lower and always on my left, J just the opposite.  I thought before that perhaps J was less active, but now I know they're both just as nutso in there.  J tends to face my back, so I think that's why I didn't feel him as much early on.  There's no denying there are two babies in there!

Supposedly, animals can sense a difference when you're pregnant.  Well, I think in the case of our kitties that may be true, but the dogs seem to be really oblivious.  Of course, it could be the cats are really just enjoying all the extra attention they get and all the resting I've been doing since going out on disability.

Sleep when the babies sleep, right?!
Mikey's got this one down to a science.  ;)

Lola loves to just relax while propping herself on my belly.
I want to thank all of you that responded to my last post.  Isa, I think you're right in that pregnancy can be kind of boring and uneventful so there seems to be less to post about.  During TTC everything was such an emotional roller coaster, it needed to come out.  Now there are no ups and downs really.  Just a constant happiness and one-track mind of babies.  However, though my blog does bring me happiness and I continue it because of that; the difference - in my mind - between a blog and a diary is the audience and I try to keep that in mind as well.  Online there is a network of support and advice that I wouldn't get if I kept all these thoughts to myself in a private journal.  That is why I started this blog, to reach out to a wider circle than what I knew in person.  In some cases, it's broadened that IRL circle and in others my online circle.  I am glad for that and love to read other people's journeys, struggles, and dreams realized as well.  Thank you to those of you that came out of the woodwork to let me know you are enjoying our journey, and thank you to those that have been around and commented many times before.  You're a big part of why I keep doing this!  


  1. Hooray for boring! And I think it is the most amazing thing that you can tell who is who in there. How much fun that must be! I read your previous post at work (in my reader, couldn't comment) and I like to keep reading TTC blogs after the pregnancies and then babies come b/c it gives me something to look forward to and strive for. I always appreciate when people update and give some insight to what life is like for them as coparents, moms, partners. It's invaluable information! I'm so glad you keep posting, even if you think it's boring at times...it's always fun to read an update!! :)

  2. Plus your story helps us gay men out there who are pregnant with surrogates who we have not seen since we impregnated them! ;-) So we are following your stories, especially since you are so close in dates with us, living vicariously through your journey. Did I just admit that I'm stalking you??? Haha. Congrats on the successful visit and your normal diagnosis.

  3. I second hurray for boring! And for knowing who is who in there! I can't even tell which end is up...
    We met our pediatrician and she said we were the most laid-back new parents she'd ever met. I told her it's because we did the 9 months (plus) of anxiety up front, so once we were pretty sure the kid was safe we could relax for a bit. I'm glad you're sticking around! It's always sad when a bloggy friend decides to stop writing and it feels like high school when your friends move away and you never hear from them again...

  4. So exciting! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Our baby is turning 15 years old today so it is magical to follow from the beginning again!
    Healthy happy boys and mamas!


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