Monday, March 5, 2012

Where To Go

I think I've lost a bit of direction with this beloved blog of mine.  I always tried to share our story without it becoming too much like a diary, but lately those are the only posts I can think of to write.  So as I search for my own answer to this, I also put it out to you ... what keeps you interested in a blog in the long term?  Where do you find your inspiration and/or direction for your own space?


  1. Hi, I'm actually a silent reader.
    I'm following your blog for a few weeks and I really love it.
    I don't think your blog is like a diary, I love it to follow stories of people, read about their intentions and opinions.
    What I really actually really like is a good mixture of "Diary-Posts", Tags and pictures.
    lg from Germany

  2. I wrote my blog for me, if other people enjoy reading fab, but I don't set out to write an entry based on if other people will enjoy it.
    I enjoy your blog :)

  3. I love reading other people's experiences -sharing joys and sorrows alike. I was attracted to your blog due to shared experiences - trying to get pregnant, and now, being pregnant with twins. My twins are now 5, but it's fun to think back and also see how others experience the same/similar things.

  4. I keep reading because I get attached to the people writing and want to see how things go. I think most pregnancy blogs take a bit of a dive because once things are going well there's not much to say--until the baby shows up. And then I like to read about what's going well and not so well and seeing pictures and hearing about all the different little things that make each kid different.


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