Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun While It Lasted

No sooner had I finally posted about getting discharged from the hospital and enjoying (mostly) my time at home, then I go and get myself admitted again.  Go figure.

Thursday was yet another NST appointment.  The boys looked fabulous, as usual.  But after talking with the splendid Dr. G on Monday, I knew now what to report and what not to ... well, I'd had a headache that was just not going away since Wednesday morning.  Fairly news worthy, I suppose.  As it was Dr. G on-call that day though, I just knew I was asking for yet another trip to Triage and a possible admit.  

The short version: I was right.

The long version: Though my blood pressures had been pretty benign up to that point (borderline for a "normal" pregnancy ... expected with a preeclamptic patient), while in Triage they shot up to the 180s over 100s at times.  Very strange.  I wasn't stressed or worried and, at the time, wasn't in pain.  I nearly bought myself a c-section right there.  However, after they started an IV and threatened some Labetalol and surgery, my body decided to somewhat behave and my BPs settled in around the 150s over 90s.  

Of course, not to be outdone, my uterus decided to join the party.  

Apparently, I'd been feeling far more contractions at home than I realized.  Here I thought it was just my precious little J trying to get as up close and personal into my ribs as he could get, but as I watched the monitor I noticed each time that happened it was actually a contraction pushing his poor little noggin up up up.  Additionally, for nearly three days I had been feeling pressure and cramping - just as I used to feel before AF started.  Yet, PB's little butt is quite low and I just attributed it to normal pregnancy pressures with his rear end helping out.  Yet as the afternoon wore on, they became more and more painful - and more focused near my cervix.  They weren't in any regular pattern, so though I could tolerate the discomfort over all, it was the periods where they were less than a minute apart for ten minutes at a time that exhausted my patience and my tolerance.  I was not a happy girl.  As if all the contracting wasn't fun enough, they of course needed to find out if they were causing dilation - so I got to experience my first vaginal exam.  I was happy to learn that my cervix was still closed and only 50% effaced, but it was quite the unpleasant experience since my cervix was still very high and posterior like it should be.   Ah my poor patients, I can certainly empathize with you now!  

After nearly 9 hours in Triage, I finally got the fabulous news that I was being re-admitted to the hospital.  My time at home was fun, but short-lived.  Ah well.  At least this time I have a view of the real world - trees, sky, people - and the nurses are wonderful and caring.  I am definitely in it for the long-haul this time.  No babies?  No going home!

On a brighter note though ... we made it to 32 weeks on Tuesday!!  That was our first goal.  Ultimately I'm hoping to make it to 36 weeks, but I'm counting down two weeks at a time.  


  1. Wow, that's quite an adventure right there! Am glad that you and the babies are safe and sound. Sending positive thoughts and best wishes for a smooth run from here on out for the three of you!

  2. Sorry you're back for the long haul, but i'm glad you caught it and that everyone is doing well. Here's hoping you get a better room this time!!

  3. You can do it, you can do it,...I'm seeing 36 weeks on the horizon. YOU CAN DO IT! Sucks about the re-admittance but HEY...just a little more time is all they need. Hang in there!

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  5. oops, that was me!

    here's the comment:
    oh man! glad you're getting good care, and congrats on 32 -- let's go 36!!! take care of you and those boys :)


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