Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I've been home for nearly a week now.  I know, I know - bad blogger!  However, I'm kind of glad I decided to wait a bit before posting because there are feelings I've had to process being here.  

Yet, I'm jumping ahead of myself.  

Despite the pre-eclampsia, GDM, and VCI, the boys and I became stable enough that our perinatologist, Dr. G, decided we were all ready to go home after 17 days in the hospital.  It was such a relief as the night before I'd had yet another break down, homesick and depressed about being stuck in a room with no light and no view.  It was also totally unexpected.  Up to that point, all the doctors had been preparing us for a long stay.  Can I tell you the excitement I felt when Dr. G walked in that Saturday morning with a hearty "Adios Amiga!"  

The first week, I had a pretty nice view!Then I got a roommate and was moved to a private room. 
Unfortunately, tho they tried to brighten things up, it was still a wall that never saw the light of day -
it looked like it was overcast every day.  I was there the last week and a half.  =/

Easter morning, my awesome CNA gave me this cute little bunny-bear.  It made my day!
Notice the flowers on the wall?  My sister brought those in and made the dungeon room
a little more cheery. =)

That first weekend was filled with mixed emotions though.  About a month before, I had surprised Momma B with tickets to see the San Francisco Giants play opening weekend.  That day happened to fall on the very weekend I was discharged.  My poor girl was so stressed trying to get the house ready Saturday afternoon and evening since she was going to be gone most of the next day - grocery shopping, picking up my insulin prescription, getting a TV for our bedroom, and having to go back to the hospital to pick up insulin syringes as that order never got sent ... and then having to make sure I had dinner and snacks on time as well as cleaning for guests that were coming the next day and laundry.  I had yet another pregnancy-induced emotional breakdown because I felt so helpless and such a burden on poor Momma B.  No matter how much she reassured me and hugged me with sweet words of how much she loved taking care of me, I still couldn't stop feeling so infirm.  It took me a few days to accept her help fully without that guilty feeling that started the waterworks every time.

One of the biggest problems with bed rest at home is the lure of movement.  Technically, I'm not supposed to climb stairs, however there have been a couple days I've gone and stayed downstairs out of "necessity," though mostly for a change of scenery.  Then there are the numerous appointments that are necessary.  I have Non-Stress Tests (NST) scheduled every Monday and Thursday.  Then there are the doctor's appointments - one on Tuesday, then another today.  All of these require getting up, getting ready, and, of course, going up/down the stairs.  It has led to some increased swelling and increased blood pressures.  

In fact, at my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, I found I had gained 4.5 lbs in the three days since I'd been discharged - again, fast weight = water weight! - and my BP was 152/96.  Not pretty.  Our usually upbeat OB became more serious that morning and sent me back to the hospital to be evaluated in Triage.  Though it took four hours, we were finally told all my labs were normal, my blood pressures had returned to normal, and the boys were beautiful on the monitor - thus I got sent home.  YAY!  However, it definitely made me very aware that I need to be better at this whole bed rest thing.  I've been avoiding the stairs since unless absolutely, completely, totally required!  

Today, was definitely essential though.  We had an ultrasound appointment with my perinatologist and couldn't believe how well these boys of ours are doing.  PB is a whopping 5 lbs 2 oz - measuring in the 98th percentile!!  And though J is starting to slow down a bit at 4 lbs 4 oz, he's still measuring in the 75th percentile!!  The measurements were all very proportionate, so those are just genetics not GDM.  We've definitely got some big, healthy boys on our hands!  Momma B may just get her wish of 7 lb babies after all - even if they're early.  Who woulda thunk it?!

I'm now settling in at home and keeping these boys growing for, hopefully, at least another three weeks.  The visitors have been a little less frequent, but I'm totally okay with that ... Momma B took a couple days off to just spend time with me and I have my beautiful kitties that never fail to keep me amused (and were ever so excited their mommies were home again!).  Since my mother is flying in this coming Tuesday, we've been enjoying having the time to ourselves since that will be quite limited from here on out.

Moral of the story is, challenging or not, there's no place like home!  =)  

Two of the biggest reasons I am happy to be back home on bed rest.
These kitties are so loving and attentive.  Can't be unhappy with them around!


  1. I'm a new lurker on your blog, which is an inspiration to me as my wife and I travel down our own path of ttc. Just wanted to say thanks and offer some encouragement. Sounds like you're both taking great care of you and the babies. You can do this!

  2. Yes once those boys come you will have a hard time finding time alone. But it is wonderful.

  3. Lots has happened since your last glad it's all good! And WOW!!!!...we could be having our kiddos around the same time. Super cool.

  4. What lucky little babies to have mamas like you both! We too were faced with challenges at the end of our pregnancy when we found out that our daughter had a cleft lip. It meant more appointments, specialists, etc… but what I can promise is that all the stress and worry is worth it once you're holding those little babies.

    Sending positive vibes your way!

    ~ Kristin


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