Wednesday, May 2, 2012

About Our Boys

I may have mentioned before that Momma B and I have come up with different stories for our boys.  Sometimes it's based on intuition, sometimes how they act in utero, and sometimes it's just fanciful speculation.  As the days before delivery continue to get shorter, I find myself wanting to write it all down so I don't forget these wishful thoughts of anticipation.  Once life with children takes over, I'm afraid I may no longer remember and I want to ... no matter how off the mark we end up, I want to remember our dreams.

So boys, this is what we have been dreaming about ...

Dear PB,  
When we think of you, we envision light hair and dark eyes - perhaps you'll be a light or sandy blond with gorgeous rich-hued eyes, though we're unsure what color.  We tease and call you our little bruiser because you've always measured at or above the 95th percentile.  You're long and large, taking after your Momma L's side of the family.  You're going to be tall and strong - an athlete.  Whether it's baseball or football, you'll be a natural. (Though Momma B thinks you'll make the perfect tight end.)  I believe you'll take after your Momma B - laid back, taking everything in stride, solid in the face of adversity.  However, I also think you'll be a bit stubborn, once you've found what you like you'll stick with it.  You've remained in a breech position from the very start and haven't made any attempts to change.  You're comfortable there and thus have remained.  So perhaps you'll be a bit like your Momma L too in that change may not be readily welcomed, but once comfortable you'll be just fine.  Independent and confident, we think you'll be quite the charmer as well.  There will be something in your quiet, shyness that will attract people to you.  You will never lack for love and friendship.

Dear J,  
When we think of you, we picture dark hair and light eyes - we definitely think you'll be a brunette with either blue or green eyes (secretly we're hoping for green, just like your Momma B).  You kept up with your brother pound for pound until about a month ago.  You're not far behind, but though we think you'll be just as tall we don't think you'll be quite as solid.  You've kept busy in your momma's uterus and I don't doubt you'll continue to be a bundle of energy as you grow.  We think you'll enjoy athletics, but will be more into your education and learning - fascinated perhaps by science or art.  (Momma B thinks you'll take after me with your enjoyment of reading.)  We think you'll also be our more adventurous one - excited for new experiences and travels.  You've never been able to stay in the same position in utero, always moving from breech to vertex to transverse and all around again.  You seek out new perspectives and are adaptable.  You also love to live up in my ribs and though this causes me great discomfort, it makes us believe you'll be more of a momma's boy - our little cuddler and lover.  You give the nurses a rousing time of chase when it's time to put you on the monitor and I think it's because you love the attention.  Personally, I think you'll also love to make us laugh and will go out of your way to spark a smile.  Your outgoing nature will bring you great success and happiness.  

Both of you boys are already the light in our eyes.  We have been so very excited to meet you from the moment we saw that oh-so-faint line on the pregnancy test.  We are counting down the days and as each one passes, our anticipation becomes more and more palpable.  We love you, more than we could ever express to you!  Thank you for blessing our lives.


  1. This is so incredibly sweet...and amazingly ironic since I was about to post a letter to our little girl this evening. What a great keepsake for your boys. SO, SO SPECIAL. You guys will be outstanding mommies! HUGS.

  2. This is very sweet and I can't wait to see how much of this comes true!


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