Monday, May 14, 2012

Single Digits

The BEST news this morning.  Dr. R came in to confirm our last growth scan for our boys, scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Basically, I found out that PB&J's birthday will depend on how big they measure tomorrow.  Dr. R is pretty certain we're not going past 36 weeks which would mean we're definitely into the final countdown and into single digits!!  OMG!!

Now, of course, anything could still happen between now and next Wednesday.  My blood pressures could go wacky again, my water could break, my contractions could decide to pick up ... many things could happen.  However, at the rate we're going, I have a feeling these boys are far too comfortable and my body is far too efficient at keeping them comfortable for any of that to happen.  I think we'll probably go to our scheduled c-section - and that's okay.  

My spirits lifted instantly when hearing the news because somehow taking that extra week off the calendar made it seem more doable, more feasible.  My mind was going to dark places thinking of having to go through all this discomfort and isolation for another two and a half weeks.  One and a half doesn't feel so dark.  

Right after I was readmitted, Momma B created a Prediction Board so everyone could put their guesses in to when PB&J would make their long-awaited arrival - even our beloved Dr. G got in on the action.  However, I think Momma B had some sort of inside scoop because if we do deliver right at 36 weeks, she wins - for the birth date anyhow.  We'll just have to see ... at the moment, I'm simply ecstatic we're so very close to finally meeting our baby boys!!


  1. I want in on this prediction board!!
    I'm guessing 5/24 for the bday. And I'm guessing the other numbers were weight and length:
    A- 6.5lbs and 18.5 inches
    B - 7.4 lbs and 20.5 inches

    (Pulled most of that outta thin air)

    XOXO! Love you guys and wishing you easy days in the single digits :)

  2. I can't wait to hear how big they are now! I am going to put in my guesses for weight and length now too...and the 21st!

    Pb: 7.6 20 in
    J: 6.10 19.5in

  3. My prediction is the day our little girl is born...which at this point I HAVE NO IDEA! LOL. Good to hear you are doing well and thing are good with the boys. HUGS.

  4. wow, exciting!!
    i love the board, esp the prize for the winner! ;)


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