Tuesday, May 8, 2012

YAY!! Goal #2 Reached!

We made it to 34 weeks!  Who would've thought six weeks ago when I was first admitted to the hospital that we would be here now?!  Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure.  But here we are and I couldn't be more excited.  Only three weeks to go before we hit term ... not sure if we'll make it that far, but at this point I'm taking it a week at a time.  

My preeclampsia is taking it's natural course: my blood pressures fluctuate from normal to high; my proteinuria is slowly creeping upward, but still hasn't hit alarming levels; my headaches are daily, but still considered benign.  I may be more optimistic than my doctors, as they're all taking things a day at a time, but ah well.  

Of course, delivery may not be determined by the preeclampsia, but rather labor.  My contractions are becoming more regular and though they're oh-so-gradually getting more uncomfortable, the biggest difference is that they're palpating firmer.  Again, nothing to be overly concerned about - I'm still able to sleep through them and they're still not always in any discernible pattern - but it's a change and something the doctors again are looking at day-by-day.  

What I am taking a day at a time is just being in the hospital.  It's been nearly two weeks and it's sometimes a bit of a struggle to keep my spirits up.  I miss all the little things Momma B and I used to do together.  I'm sad I'm not able to help her finish the nursery, or organize the rest of the baby stuff, or just take part in any of the preparations for the babies.  I'm so very grateful for her - she has been so strong for me and has taken on so much.  I can't imagine how difficult this must be for her, but she never lets me see it.  She's amazing, truly.  I'm so grateful for my family - my mom is helping with some of the crafts we want to get done and keep things around our house in order, while still visiting and keeping me company; my sister came often to keep me company as well, though I miss her now since she got a new job in the city.  I'm so grateful for our friends - they've given me a break from the hospital food by bringing me lunch, they keep me company, listen to me gripe, and provide a relief from the monotony of hospital life ... and keep me from missing home and Momma B so much!  I don't think I would be holding onto my sanity so well if it weren't for all of you that have supported me so much through all of this.  Thank you, sincerely.

Want to see some belly pics?  Okay!

You may not see it, but my belly is a bit lopsided here since J just loves to live up in my rib cage!
Big belly, little head!  Funny thing is, this is how I found out nearly all my stretch marks are on the right side of the linea nigra.  How weird is that?!  LOL


  1. Congrats on reaching 34 weeks! That's our next goal as well - its a big one, since that's when the sucking reflex kicks in! (9 days to go for us...)

    Baby B sits up in my right rib cage too, and consequently most of my stretch marks are on that side for me as well.

    At this rate... we should probably compare baby names ;)

    Hope those contractions lessen and that you're able to make it at least 2-3 more weeks!

  2. Yay for 34 weeks!!! Fingers crossed for a few more. Even though I just know its going to be right at the same time as us, so really why worry!! LOL

  3. Wow, congrats! The belly pics are amazing...I don't how you girls do it. Just AWESOME! Hoping for a few more weeks for y'all.

  4. woohoo! keep on keepin on, momma! sorry you're having annoying contractions, but here's hoping they stay at low-level nuisance for the time being!

  5. Yay for making it to 34 weeks! And that's totally weird about the stretch marks... Keep on going, mama!

  6. Congratulations on making it this far! Keep hanging in there.


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