Sunday, July 29, 2012

The 2-Month Checkup

We have a couple of growing boys on our hands!  Both are very healthy and hitting milestones right on time ... which is wonderful news because I've been unsure as to whether or not we need to worry about adjusted v. actual age.  Had they been born two weeks ahead or maybe even just one week, we would never even worry about this question.  I've decided to ignore it altogether.  I'm such a rebel.

PB weighed in at a whopping 13lbs 13oz!  Our little chunka-monk has nearly doubled his birth weight in less than three months - so crazy.  He's also grown four inches and is now 23 3/4".  We have a solid boy on our hands wearing size 6mo onesies and size 2 diapers.  He's smiling more often, holding his head up and steady for long periods of time, standing and bearing weight for up to 15-20 seconds, is starting to practice pushups during tummy time, cooing and gurgling, following objects within his field of vision, is just starting to recognize our voices, and blowing bubbles like crazy.

J is still our little guy weighing in at 9lbs 6oz.  He's grown nearly three inches and measures 21 3/4".  He's only charting in the 5th %tile, but since he's always measured within the same %tile his doctor says he's growing the way he should be.  He's just grown into size 3mo onesies and size 1 diapers - though he still fits into newborn size shorts/pants since he's so long and lean.  He smiles constantly now (he also looks like he's laughing at times, though no sound comes out yet), he's very vocal and coos a lot, he's holding his head up for longer periods of time (though he's not able to hold it steady for very long), standing and bearing weight for up to 10-15 seconds, blowing bubbles, following objects within his field of vision, and recognizes our voices.

Though I knew they were getting shots, I didn't realize they were getting three of them plus an oral vaccine (find the CDC recommended schedule here).  I thought they might have two nurses give the shots at one time, but as it turned out the girl was so quick it didn't matter.  PB spit out half the oral vaccine, though J drank it right up - same happened when I gave them Tylenol before their appointment.  Both boys did cry with the shots, but they settled down right away with sympathy and cuddles from momma.  Thank goodness too.  Momma B was able to take a long break from work, but had to leave right before they got their shots and I was a little nervous about whether I could comfort them both on my own. I was so proud of PB&J!  They were their regular, happy selves afterward.  They did get sleepy much earlier that night, but otherwise weren't affected by their vaccinations at all.  Now perhaps the preemptive Tylenol helped or maybe they're just resilient - could be both, either way it was good.

In other news, I recently found out I am qualified for Paid Family Leave - a program in California which provides an additional six weeks of State Disability Insurance for new parents to bond with their child(ren).  Due to some misinformation I received from my employer's HR department, I was told I would only receive the 6 - 8 weeks of SDI for maternity leave and wasn't eligible for PFL, thus I had already informed my nurse manager that I would be returning to work August 13th.  Thankfully, she approved an extension to my leave of absence and I am now able to stay home with our boys until September 10th - a week shy of their four month birthday!  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.  I miss working, but I'm not ready to go back - not quite yet.  I'm hoping by four months our schedule will be solid, all the details with their nanny ironed out (whom I finally met Friday and is absolutely fabulous!), and I'll feel more ready for the real world.


  1. It sounds like the boys are doing great and I cannot believe that PB weighs 13+ pounds! That's almost what Gracie weighs and she'll be 5 months on Sunday!

    That's awesome that you get to stay home another month! Going back to work is no fun so the longer you can put it off the better. :)

  2. great news on the extra leave--and the growing boys! It sounds like they're doing wonderfully!

  3. How wonderful that you qualify for the extended leave! I'm sure the boys will continue to do really well once you return to work, but there's something extra nice about being able to have a parent at home with them (IMO).

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