Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Real Thing

Nothing has been more exciting and grand than seeing these boys light up and smile, like for reals smile!  It's something we've been looking forward to all these weeks.  Yes there have been glimpses along the way - gassy grins and sleeping smirks - but nothing directed at us or because of anything in particular.  We've sung silly songs, played games, tickled bellies knees and toes, made funny faces, talked in goofy voices, basically made complete fools of ourselves in an attempt to make them smile.  Nothing.  

And then suddenly this week we got not just one, but both our boys to give us those huge, heart-melting gummy grins we've been dying to see.  I have to say it's been one of the best moments of motherhood yet.  I never thought I'd work so hard to get a boy to smile at me in my life!  For these boys, it'll never be work.  I yearn to see those smiles and getting one only encourages me to coax out more.  

PB's big cheeser was just caught today by Momma B.

J's been spreading 'em around all week! 

Everyone says how much PB looks like me and I never saw it completely until I put us next to each other (this was me at about 4 months old).  Yeah there's no denying, he's my mini!

Who can resist a little PB&J photo collage?!  I know I can't.


  1. Those smiles are just the best!!! G has been giving them out too and each one just melts me! PB's little head tilt with his smile is just to die for! And that pic of J with the glasses just cracks me up!

  2. Oh, I just love those toothless baby smiles. SO cute.
    PB does look a lot like you in that photo. Pretty neat.

  3. Oh my god, they are so cute.

  4. Adorable! Smiles are the best. And PB looks JUST LIKE YOU.


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