Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Down and Dirty

What I've learned in the last eight weeks:

Babies can stink.  They fart - a lot.  I had no idea how much.  And they do not smell good.  You may think they pooped, but nope it was just a loud, smelly fart.  Formula poops smell so much worse than breastmilk poops too. However, both are just as messy.  It can get anywhere and everywhere - a concept that Momma B affectionately calls "shitballs."  (It definitely makes us glad we have boys, I don't want to think of the mess one must deal with on a baby girl.)  And sometimes that smell gets in their clothes though not a drop of poo touched them.  Yes, it's that potent.

Babies can get dirty - without doing a thing.  Lint gathers between their fingers and toes.  Dirt gets underneath their fingernails.  Unseen spit-up forms crusties around their mouths.  They frequently get boogers - long, sticky boogers that are not so easy to get out with those silly snot-suckers.  Eye boogies seem to pop up hourly and need to be cleaned carefully.  Somehow the wax build-up in their ears came as a surprise to me.  This is a daily part of my personal hygiene regimen, why did I never think it would be part of theirs too?!  They get dirt build-up behind their ears that can smell like stinky belly button if not caught soon enough.  (Guess our moms didn't tell us to scrub behind our ears for nothing!)  

Babies can monopolize a conversation.  Who would've ever thought we'd have serious discussions with people about the workings of various brands of diapers - which ones leak - which ones are easiest to remove in the middle of the night?  Or how much spit-up a kid can produce?  Or debate about when spit-up becomes vomit?  Or intensely speculate about what eye color the boys will end up with?  I never wanted to be that boring person that has nothing else to talk about other than their babies.  I like to think I haven't gotten to that point and I try to reserve the majority of my baby talk for certain people within our personal circle, but I'll admit it's a struggle.  These kids are my heart and certainly dominate my life at the moment.  

Sometimes it's hard to realize just how rapidly they grow when we see them constantly, until I happen to look at them in someone else's arms and think to myself when did he get so long?

Sometimes it's hard to know what they need.  There are times they cry, they fuss, their whole head turns red and yet we've covered all their basic needs ... so what else can it be?  This can be enlightening at times, but mostly it's just frustrating.  No book can tell me about our babies.  I wish they could.

Sometimes I've done things I swore I'd never do, but despite the potential safety risks it's the only thing that works at the time.  I've microwaved bottles.  We've slept with both babies between us, covering them up with our own comforter for lack of any other blankets to keep them warm.  I've left them unattended on the changing table while I ran to get diapers or wipes.  

Sometimes exhaustion takes over my whole body and mind and I spend an entire day in a piss poor mood; but somehow I still find it in myself to smile and laugh when one of our little guys is nestled in my arms.  

Sometimes I'm amazed at how much I'm able to get done in a day, but yet feel so overwhelmed because there is still too much left to do.  Sometimes I'm amazed at how little I can get done in a day, but yet feel so productive because that little bit was the most I could do and was the exact thing I needed done.

Every day I learn something new - sometimes good, sometimes bad but always useful.  PB&J are changing and slowly becoming less like newborns and more like infants (though we still have some time before they're officially infants).  We get a smile out of them daily now and we're really looking forward to the day they become more regular and spontaneous.  J is eating with more vigor now, though still more frequently than his brother.  We're ready to start them on a more regular schedule and sleep train them, but they're still too young and their weight difference makes it difficult.  PB has been out of newborn sizes for a few weeks now, but J is starting to outgrow them too.  Somehow this saddens me a little.  Momma B returns to work in just over a week and that saddens me too.  I return to week in just over a month and that saddens me more.  I never thought I'd want to be a SAHM, but right now I wish it were possible.  Though we have a wonderful woman to watch them, I don't want to miss a moment.  It all goes so quickly.

The last eight weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind.  I hope the next eight weeks slow down to at least a strong breeze.  I'm so afraid of forgetting these early days.  I don't want them to get brushed aside as our boys achieve more.  I don't want to forget the heartaches and the bursts of joy as the newness of motherhood starts to wear off.  The last eight weeks have established my definition of myself as "mother," but luckily it's a definition that is capable of evolving.  

This is what happens when we let our boys dress themselves!
I think we have a couple fashion geeks on our hands.  

Okay, we were bored.  ;)


  1. Laura,

    It sounds like you have discovered the good, bad & the ugly of motherhood! Being a SAHM has its ups & downs but the good far outweighs the bad. It's hard to leave your kids, even if it is with a trusted person, because if you blink you'll miss something. Being a parent will at the same time can lift your spirits & break your heart. You will love those boys more than you thought any person could love another person. Enjoy the next month of freedom with your boys. Unless something must get done, leave it for later, you only have one more month.

  2. Loved reading this!!! Sounds like your whole family is thriving and learning together!!! The boys look great and I loved reading the nitty gritty details....thanks for sharing!!!

  3. 2 months already, WOW! The boys look great and I LOVE the shoes. :)

  4. Yeah, we try (and sometimes fail) to keep those conversations confined to other new parents. I was amazed by the dirt under the nails--I mean, she isn't touching anything! How did her hands get so filthy! I love the picture of your boys--they are so, so sweet! :)

  5. Sounds like things are progressing as they should be! It's amazing how quickly the time passes, isn't it?

    Also, we found that Q-tips are excellent for digging out sticky boogers (just be careful).

  6. the first paragraph made me laugh, babies are rather stinky creatures, aren't they??

    don't worry - the bursts of motherhood joy continue :)

  7. I nodded and laughed at all of these!! We have learned the same!!

    The dirty fingernails gets me too!!

    So glad we are going through this adventure together! XOXO

  8. I love this posting. It's all true. And right around three months old things did start to calm down a little. Yes, it's still so tough and I still don't get much more than 4-5 hours of sleep, but my boys are a little calmer, smile more, quiet themselves a little better, etc. So the whirlwind does slow down a little and I feel I can appreciate parenthood more. Hope you can too.


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