Friday, August 10, 2012

He's Growing On Us

Our little J has hit another growth spurt.  It's been a crazy day around here.  Every two hours he's hungry - since 3:30 this morning!  I read an article on yesterday that said growth spurts get blamed for symptoms that may not be related.  Well, I went through their criteria and I can say with 100% assurance that, yep, our little J is trying his damndest to catch up to his "big" brother.  Their criteria:
  • He's hungry all the time
  • He's fussier than normal
  • He suddenly hibernates
Check and check and ... um ...!  Okay, so the last one hasn't happened - yet.  According to the article, this happens after the non-stop eating.  God I hope so!  His napping is all thrown off.  He'll eat, play and fuss for half an hour, want to be held and nap while in my arms - but if I try and put him down he wakes right up and cries.  I'm tired.  I'm hungry.  And I may stink.  

I'm glad PB isn't hitting this growing frenzy with his brother, but I feel bad.  The poor little guy keeps getting put in his rocker while I feed and hold his needy brother.  These are the times when I feel the twin-guilt of not giving both equal attention.  However, I have to remind myself it's never going to be completely equal.  Some days are just J days and others PB days ... and if we're lucky we'll find the balance for PB and J days!  Having only one baby to lather with attention feels like it would be such a luxury on days like today.  

Thankfully, I love having two and don't know what it would feel like with a singleton ... so I can't complain, even when my stomach is growling and I can't stop staring wistfully at the shower as I feed the ravenous J yet another bottle.

Speaking of ... cue hunger fit.  Crossing my fingers we still get some sleep tonight! 
Sleep?  Who needs sleep?!


  1. And again Ben's real twin is following right along, he has been eating, fussing and then passing out all day long today.

  2. I am so interested in all this stuff about newborn twins. I can't believe I will have them too!

  3. Hello from Finland!

    Just found your wonderful blog, you have such an amazing twins, congrats!

    We are, hopefully, lesbian moms in the future too!
    We've made a blog about our project, It's mainly in Finnish but some pics/and updates in English are maybe coming soon too.

    I also added your blog to our blog's blogroll!
    Can't wait to read more about your family!


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