Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

PB is now a back-to-tummy roller!  Our strong boy.  However, it's not all cheers and giggles that come along with this milestone - not for PB anyhow.  Yesterday, nap times were thrown out the window as he ended up on his belly every time and would cry and cry.  I don't know if it scared him to find himself on his tummy or if it's because he would spit up almost every time or if it's something else altogether.  

I was worried about him sleeping last night and was prepared for a night of frequent wake-up calls.  Yet ... nothing.  When J woke up for his routine 3:30am feeding, I peeked into PB's crib and there he was sleeping contentedly on his tummy.  However, he woke up two hours early crying the same way he did all day yesterday during nap times.  

I'm so confused.

I'm seeking advice from all of you BTDT moms!  Is this a transition that he'll eventually sort out?  Is there something I can do to keep him from freaking himself out?  I don't want to try and restrain him or prop things on either side of him in the crib.

Edit:  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind PB sleeping on his belly.  Everything I've read says once they learn to roll over and hold their heads up then it is safe for them to sleep that way.  And PB has always been an awesome sleeper - sleeping 12 hours a night since he was two months old.  I'm assuming he'll eventually get over being freaked out by being on his tummy.  I'm just trying to figure out how to make the transition a little easier for him.  

We've already had to bypass current safety recommendations and put up the crib bumpers as we have found both PB and J in these positions:

J was full of giggles despite being stuck.

Whereas PB was not very happy about his predicament.
P.s.  I know I've been a bad blogger, but I've been thinking a lot about the future course of this blog.  I definitely don't want to give up blogging, but I feel a bit boxed in with the title.  Changes are in the works.  =)


  1. To clarify, you don't want the boys to be on their tummies in the crib, right? If that's the case, here's my two cents, for what it's worth. : ) Mark & I read everything on how important it is for kids to be on their backs, BUT, Jilli never wanted to be on her back. Every morning we woke up to find her resting peacefully, & happily, on her belly; arms tucked in & under her torso, head to the side, butt in the air. When we first started seeing this we immediately tried to eradicate the problem, but what could we do? We couldn't sit & watch her all night. She slept in a sleep bag but didn't like that & then we used the sleep sacks but that didn't last long either. I asked my MIL what she thought & how we should make her sleep on her back, her response was to let her do her thing. She is from the old school way of thinking & when she was raising kids they didn't worry about SIDS & all the other problems out there now. So, that's what we did. The first few nights I made my husband put the pack & play right next to my side of the bed so I could be right by her while she slept. She fell asleep on her back & immediately rolled to her side. After a few nights of this, she went back to her crib & that was that. She was always a good sleeper & slept through the night at 2 weeks, save for a few occassions. I think one reason that we weren't as concerned about it was that my MIL pointed out that Jilli was always great at holding up her own neck & moving when she needed/wanted to. MIL was sure that Jilli would move if she had to in order to get air. That's what we did, let nature take it's course. Now we are that way with a lot of things. I'm not saying our way is right or wrong, nor do I think other people's ways are right or wrong, this is what worked for us & we have a very happy little girl who is an A+ sleeper. Good luck, I can't wait to read how things are going as you progress.

    1. Thanks Valerie. I completely agree. I edited my post to reflect that it's not the position he sleeps in that bothers me, but rather how to keep him from freaking out about it. =)

  2. they are getting so big!! :) and i LOVE the color of their walls, beautiful!!

    we never bothered sleeping babies. i think the rolling over/sleeping on your belly thing can freak them out a bit at first, but i think you'll see in another week or so it is old news. they'll get used to it quickly.

    as for bumpers, have you seen the breathable mesh ones? they might be a good alternative to traditional bumpers. we've used them and have liked them. (

  3. Is he able to roll onto his back as well? I forget if he can or if you said before. I know a lot of moms who went through a period with their babies where they could do one skill but not the other (roll onto tummy or back and not the other way, or stand up but not sit down) and they'd constantly do it in their crib (either purposely or in their sleep) and then they'd scream because they were stuck. And even if he can roll the other way and knows how really well, sometimes when they're tired they forget that they can do it, especially in a new situation like rolling over onto his tummy by himself rather than being put there by someone else.

    My son took FOREVER to learn to roll over onto his tummy because he despised it. Then suddenly at around 8 months he decided he wanted to do it, learned how, and now he cries if I try to keep him on his back :P Right after he mastered the skill he was screaming after I put him to bed and I went in and he was "stuck" on his tummy despite knowing how to roll over onto his back no problem since he was 4 months old. Now, at 13 months, he sleeps on his tummy and has for a while. Babies are confusing.

    I'd say if he doesn't know how to roll the other way, to try to practice that during the day and hope he'll put two and two together quickly. If he does already know, then just wait it out. He's probably just figuring out what he can do. Glad to hear things are going well!

  4. i don't know how btdt i am, with just the zunzun to go on, but he stopped freaking out pretty quickly. i think it's just one of those developmental things -- once he gets really good at it, he'll stop freaking out. plus, he's likely to learn to roll the other way, too, soon -- and then he can reposition at will! what took us forever was the unswaddling we had to do as a result of his rolling, a process which took about 3.5 weeks! i'd say just wait it out -- probably everyone will get crappy sleep for a few nights, but then it'll pass. do you try to comfort him while he stays on his belly, or do you roll him over or pick him up? if he'll let you, maybe just go to him and pat his butt or rub his back? (the zunzun would never allow such nonsense when there are perfectly good boobs RIGHT THERE, but some babies are kinder ;)) good luck!

  5. I don't know if you'd consider this, but breathable bumpers are supposed to be a safe option.

    And yes, I imagine PB will soon sort out the rolling thing and not be so distressed when it happens. :)

  6. I think he'll get used to being able to do it and it won't scare/frustrate him so much. Edie did the same thing (and is still pretty bad at flipping over onto her back once she gets on her tummy). She now sleeps on her stomach sometimes and doesn't seem to mind--during playtime it still pisses her off, but she's got better head control now so can keep herself occupied for a bit before she notices that she's stuck. We thought about bumpers but the city I live in made them illegal! even the breathable ones won't be shipped here, so for now we just see her little limbs sticking through the bars. Glad to know it's not just happening at our house!

  7. He'll get it - don't worry. In the next two weeks he'll change so much you'll forget it was ever an issue! The best thing, I would say, would be to maximize tummy/floor time in the day. He's learning and he'll want to keep trying out this new trick of his, and with time to work it out he'll figure out how to roll back onto his back. Try, try again, right? :) And, if you're worried about it, Toys R Us sells a bumper that is just kind of barricade so that feet don't get stuck in between rails, completely breathable, and nothing soft to get stuck in or stand on:
    You have a beautiful family.... :)

  8. PB's a roller - woot, woot! I wish I had some advice for you on the roll and wake situation but when Grace went through her phase of rolling and waking I didn't know what to do except rock her a bit and lay her back down to sleep. I will say that the waking part passed after a couple of weeks so hopefully it's the same for you! The boys are getting so big! Such cuties :)


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