Sunday, October 7, 2012

Update Catch-Up

I've not only been a terrible blogger, but a terrible mother ... well, okay, not so much in how I care for our boys but in my lack of documenting their growth and milestones.  One day I'm going to want to remember this stuff and it won't be anywhere to be found.  *le sigh*

Our boys are approaching five months and changing so fast.  PB is still our more cautious boy, not as quick with a smile, but when he does his entire face lights up.  He loves going to bed and seeing his mommies when he wakes up - we get the biggest smiles and it melts my heart every time.  He often looks so serious as he takes in the world around him.  J is our little flirty boy.  His eyes just sparkle and he has a way of looking at you that just catches your heart and reels it in.  His smiles take over his whole face too and, though they've both been laughing for quite awhile now, J's just starting to grace us with his contagious belly laughs.  


Both boys have been rolling onto their tummies for awhile now and though they both had a couple rough days getting used to the new position, neither are bothered by it now.  In fact, J now loves to sleep on his belly and gets mad if he's put down any other way.  Though PB still prefers to sleep on his back, I have often found him on his belly too.  

Both boys are weaning themselves off their Wubs.  PB still likes his as he falls asleep, but always spits it out right before he actually falls asleep.  J rarely sucks on the pacifier, but loves to hold onto the little dog.  In fact, both of them prefer to chew on the soft feet of their Wubs.  I think it's getting close to time to cut out the pacifier part.  The other day, PB decided his lip was far better than his pacifier anyhow.  And we've been finding random hickies on J's arms since that's his preferred soothie.  


Even baby hickies are cute.  ;)

They've both found their feet.  They love to grab and swat at their toys.  They "talk" all the time now - J is our little squeaky squealer while PB values volume over content.  They continue to sleep through the night; in fact, J is going longer and longer stretches before waking for his only nighttime feeding.  They're doing awesome at their caregiver's - they're very comfortable with her and adore her 6- and 9-year-old sons (who, in turn, adore PB&J).  They both are getting so strong holding their heads up and sitting steady.  PB is trying very hard to sit himself up, launching himself forward when in his rocker - we have to make sure he's always strapped in now.  

J delighted to discover his little piggies.

They're also growing too fast.  Their 4-month check-up was 3 1/2 weeks ago (I know, I'm so bad at this updating stuff!).  PB weighed in at 17lbs 1oz (80th %ile) and 26 1/2" (90th %ile) with a head circumference of 16.8" (50th %ile).  He's barely fitting into size 2 diapers (in fact, should have been switched to size 3s a couple weeks ago) and is starting to grow out of 6 month size onesies - he's been wearing 9 month size sleepers for a month now due to his length.  J weighed in at 12lbs (5th %ile) and 24 1/2" (20th %ile) with a head circumference of 16.6" (35th %ile).  He's still fitting into size 1 diapers, but not for long, and is still fitting 3 month size onesies, but sometimes we put him in 6 month size because we're getting bored with the 3 month selection having been through all of it with PB first - he's been wearing 6 month size sleepers for a month now also due to his length.

Our big, beautiful boys!

They're such great babies.  They rarely fuss unless they're truly hungry or overly tired, but we've learned to read them well enough at this point that thankfully that doesn't happen too often.  They're easily entertained and love getting snuggles and kisses from their mommies.  I know it's said enough to be cliché but I honestly can't remember much about what my life was like before they were in it.  Despite the challenges and my expanded waistline, I wouldn't have it any other way.  They're a continuous source of love and joy.  My heart is full to bursting.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Donor Siblings

I've been thinking about this subject off and on since we found out we were pregnant, but was reminded of it again today when catching up on my blogs and read this.  Momma B and I think it might be interesting to see others that are genetically related to our boys - to see any similarities and keep the options open for our boys if they're interested in knowing others that have part of their genetic make-up.  

I looked up our donor on the Donor Sibling Registry a couple times before and after we got pregnant and there was never any matches.  However, when I looked it up today there was one - a girl born in 2011.  Suddenly it became more real.  There really are others out there using the same donor.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel at this moment.  It's kind of a strange feeling.  

After reading her post, I also realized I could look at the sperm bank's Facebook page and possibly see other confirmed pregnancies.  I never thought of doing that!  I scrolled through tonight and found two more confirmed pregnancies this year in February and April - one of them with twin girls!  

Our boys have at least four confirmed genetic relations, that we know of.  I'm now debating on whether or not to join the DSR.  Our sperm bank doesn't have open donor options, so this would be the only small connection they would have.  I think my only hangup is the term "sibling" because other than genetics they are not related - at least not in my definition of family.  So I am torn.

Have any of you considered joining?  Or have you already joined?  And, if so, what are your experiences?
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