Monday, November 12, 2012

Confessions of the Ridiculous

There are some things that are a little embarrassing to admit, but yet are too silly to keep to myself.  Between feeding and changing babies, unpacking and organizing after this move, and the endless loads of laundry that are my life now ... I decided it was very necessary to iron, yes iron, a pile of bibs.  Really?  Bibs??  Yes!  These little pieces of cloth are a vital part of our boys' wardrobe as they are free-flowing faucets of drool and we need a lot of them!  Unfortunately they're often inadequate for the job because they're curled up and wrinkled.  Our boys need full coverage that these bibs haven't been able to provide ... so I ironed them.  They are now more functionable and I feel so much better having been able to relieve some of my OCD tendencies.

After working the last few nights, I've gotten very behind on my 22 Days of Thanks.  Thus, here we go:
7.  I'm thankful for finding a chiropractor that has helped relieved much of my back pain that I've been living with since pregnancy. 
8.  I'm thankful for a career I love; a career that challenges me often. 
9.  I'm thankful for our boys' caregiver that is an amazing blessing to our whole family - we missed her these last two weeks. 
10.  I'm thankful for a wife that is so thoughtful and caring - keeping the house quiet so I can get rest between work shifts. 
11.  I'm thankful to have served in the U.S. Navy among so many brave sailors that have fought overseas to protect our freedoms. 
12.  I'm thankful for my days off - allowing me time to play and care for two beautiful, giggling boys.


  1. I ironed Gracie's jacket the other day so you'll get no judgement from me on the ironing of bibs... lol! Congratulations on a successful move. :)


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