Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy 6 Months

To celebrate PB&J's half-year birthday, we introduced them to solid foods.  We set up their high chairs for the first time and once they were in them, my eyes misted because they suddenly looked like such big boys.  Hard to believe it's been six months already ... at times it feels like it's all flown by and other times - tho rarely - it feels like nothing much changes and I fleetingly think I'll get to savor them as they are right now.  But then the next day comes and suddenly they feel heavier or they discover something new and times just starts to speed up so quickly it nearly makes me dizzy.  

Thankfully, we remember to capture a few of these moments to have something to look back on and savor at a later date.


We started them off with our homemade brown rice cereal and puréed sweet potatoes.  As you can see, day one was not so successful, but very amusing.  As they say try try again.  


  1. We can so relate! Cristina likes to eat her bib, and sometimes has no idea what is going on. The faces are PRICELESS! Thanks for sharing! Happy 6 months!!!

  2. So cute!
    P.S. The JJ Cole bibs are THE BEST. You guys are lucky to figure that out early. :)

  3. They are adorable! I love how it takes a few seconds for them to react to the new taste... hilarious!


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